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Value Proposition

About the Firm

Founded in 2014 by Scott Kindred, Kindred Hydro, Inc. is a water resources firm dedicated to provided cost-effective solutions that achieve project objectives.  Our primary expertise is hydrogeology with particular focus on stormwater infiltration.  However, we work on a broad range of projects that require understanding and predicting the behavior of water in soil and aggregate. We often team with civil engineering firms and other providers with specialized expertise to deliver turn-key solutions.


Kindred Hydro, Inc. is a King County Certified Small Contractor and Supplier (SCS) firm. The SCS program is also recognized by Sound Transit and the Port of Seattle.

About the Founder

Scott Kindred has worked as a consultant in the State of Washington since 1984. With a Bachelors degree in Geology from Brown University and a Masters degree in Civil Engineering from M.I.T., his education focused on groundwater hydrology, contaminant fate and transport, and numerical modeling. Over the years, Scott has worked on stormwater planning and retrofit, environmental site remediation, water supply, mining, master planned developments, residential and commercial development projects.

Scott is a registered professional engineer in the State of Washington.

With our breadth of experience in hydrogeology and civil engineering, we have the integrated perspective to identify both opportunities and pitfalls in your project, thereby maximize success.